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Personal shopper/stylist – shikha Dhandia

A woman with a unique business idea of Personal shopper/Stylist. Who is a Personal Shopper? What does a job of a Personal Shopper entails? These questions are resolved by her very creative venture. Her business entails people to identify their body type and style them for their special occasions/events. Shikha proudly narrated about her inspiring journey of styling and explained her creative venture in our latest exclusive interview.

This driven lady was always passionate about fashion and knew from her childhood days that she wants to become a Fashion Stylist. She used to dress her dolls and ask her aunt to stitch it accordingly so that she could style them. However, she was very clear about not being interested in designing. She grew up watching Yash Raj Films and was supremely inspired by their gussied-up movies. She was in her 5th grade when she decided to become a Fashion stylist. Her inspiration has always been Anaita Adajania Shroff. As time passed by she perceived that the city she lived in wasn’t enough to grow for a profession like a Fashion stylist. Eventually, the dream of her becoming a fashion stylist seemed far-fetched!

Shikha Dhandhia

But she was still inclined towards the creative world. Therefore she opted for a B.SC degree in Visual Communication from M.O.P Vaishnav College in Chennai. This course gave her a broader spectrum in multimedia, photography, videography, and arts. During that period, she interned with ‘The Park Hotel’ in Chennai. Despite a short term internship, she thoroughly enjoyed working with this hotel and had an inordinate experience.

Later, post her college, she started working as a Fashion consultant for a Multi designer store called ‘Luxxe Box’. She worked with them for 6 months. Meanwhile, she received a call from ‘The Park Hotel’, the place where she interned earlier to join for a role in PR. Instantly, she decided to switch her job and continued Managing Public Relations for ‘The Park hotel’. She worked with them for 1.5 years. Soon after she got married and shifted to Mumbai. Shortly after moving, she joined a PR firm called PR Pundit. The firm majorly focused on managing fashion and lifestyle brands. She was managing brands like MAC, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahilliani, and few luxury hotels. One of the prominent client she managed was for a luxury restaurant called Antares of Sarah Todd’s, an Australian Masterchef popular participant. Shikha now styles Sarah Todd for her media coverage and several events. She encounters it as her one of the milestones.Shikha DhandhiaNevertheless, working in PR and meeting stylists frequently reminded her of the passion she had to become a fashion stylist. Therefore, she took a break from her PR career and decided to try her hands on becoming a stylist. Rather than attaining a degree, she decided to intern under a fashion stylist. She strongly believes that nothing educates you better than your place of work. With this willingness in her mind, she seized her first internship with a celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani. A stylist, supremely known for styling the Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone. Shikha interned with Shaleena for 8-9 months. She revealed her job wasn’t  glamorous as it sounds. It included a lot of sourcing and going around in the city. During this process, she discovered a lot of talented designers. She also learned about the process of styling and fell in love with it. Right from creating vision boards, to organizing the look, to sourcing and executing it. She aced it all.Shikha DhandiaBut her vision from the beginning was never to work with celebrities but was to acquire knowledge and experience in styling and bring it back to the real people. Her substantial thought behind this is that real people do not have perfect bodies and perfect resources around them like celebrities. Therefore, working for them would fill the gap of knowledge that she gained by offering to assist them in resolving their needs through a perfect style of dressing. She states that being a stylist comes with immense responsibility. Responsibility to make your client feel confident, educate them with the current trends, help them with the best clothing options within their budget, work around their profiles, and style them to make them feel happy and satisfied within their skin.

Shikha Dhandia Business

The concept of “Personal Shopper” is new in India. She expressed that it was an intimidating journey for her initially. This concept is well received in western countries. But in India, it still needs to be addressed. However, she explains when she started this business, her first client was a family friend. After receiving a positive response from her first successful wedding, she was sure enough to turn this into a full-time business. She started her journey of styling in the year of 2017, holding a fruitful experience she then launched her creative venture in the year of 2019. So far she hass styled 7 successful weddings which is an achievement in itself.

When asked her why does she believe in this idea of styling, she replied saying that the smiles she witnesses on her clients face and the reaction that they receive from their friends and family on how different and beautiful they look, that makes her extremely happy and satisfied.

What an inspiring thought anyone could have with the simplest idea of passing on “Smile” and “Happiness”.

Loved the ideation of this business and the vision it carries.

Thank you, Shikha for sharing this beautiful journey and spreading so much happiness through your work. Such people and such businesses are indeed a real inspiration.

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