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Kresha Bajaj – Fashion Designer

A story of a ‘Love Story Lehenga’ creator Kresha Bajaj. This dreamy creation of her label has a beautiful intriguing story behind it. Not many people are blessed to have clarity of their dreams and career, in their childhood. People imagine various career paths, but slowly steer out of it, as they grow old, but this wasn’t the scenario for this well-known designer, Kresha Bajaj. Her journey travels back to her childhood, where she grew up in a family of a fashion business, which led her to make up her mind, to be a designer when she grew up. Her father Mr. Kishor Bajaj owned a renowned bespoke tailoring business called ‘Badasaab’ and her mother had a Bridal wear label named ‘First Lady’. She fondly remembers how, as a child, she would love to sketch and create things out of scrap fabrics rather than going out to play. When asked about why she loves designing so much she replied, “I love the idea of creating something that I imagine, it amazes me that your imaginations can become a reality and could be of use”. It still surprises her to think that her first-hand experience in design was in men’s tailoring business because of her father. She expressed that the style she worked during that time was much more structured with novelty tailoring, and a dark color palette, contrary to what she designs today.


She strongly believes that it’s very important to study all aspects of fashion before stepping into the professional world. She learned this from her parent’s businesses as they never had a professional degree to back them. She mentioned the instances, where her father had faced problems in his business because of his limited knowledge. That caused Kresha to study fashion thoroughly, to not only discover her style and attain knowledge but also to understand the importance of every job in fashion. After pursuing BA in Fashion Design and Marketing from London College of Fashion(LCF) for 4 years, She went on to pursue several short courses from Parsons New York and Parsons Paris- Summer Intensives in which she also, especially did a course in Illustration. Further, she completed her professional degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising(FIDM), Los Angeles. Simultaneously she interned at several places, as a stylist, and assisted in various shoots and fashion weeks. Parallelly, she also launched her accessory brand, ‘“Koëcsh”’ which she further continued after completing her studies.

Kresha Bajaj Collection

While she cherishes every work experience she has had, her experience with the photographer ‘Ash Gupta’, remains the most valuable. Kresha expressed that she resonated with his style of work immensely. He encouraged her to follow her path rather than following trends and that’s what set her apart. Kresha is one of those designers who always follow their feelings and emotions, as a reflection of themselves rather than keeping up with the ongoing trends. She is a designer who once launched an all-black collection for SpringSummer, inspired by her mentor Ash Gupta. After her 8 years of education in fashion, she then decided to come back to India and start her label.

Kresha with Sushmita Sen

She started her E-commerce brand called ‘Koëcsh’ in the year of 2013. Her inspiration and brand direction was completely different when she had started “Koëcsh”. Back then the ethos of the brand was to express oneself by not worrying about trends. She expressed her rebellious nature during that period. Her petite stature and baby-like voice would prevent people from taking her seriously and fashion became her way of expressing herself fiercely. She recalls her fashion was inspired by Goth culture. She used to wear a lot of black, leather, spikes, studs, etc. As Kresha is known to express herself through her creation her brand was largely inspired by how she felt at that time. The brand was delivering end to end ready to wear garments. It served a completely different audience and occasion. In three years, the business had bloomed, more than Kresha had anticipated, until one day, unfortunately, the company website crashed and they lost all the backup of relevant data. The business was solely e-commerce and the incident was a complete nightmare as she had lost all the data of ongoing and pending projects. To sustain her business she had to opt for different ways, which led her, to lose confidence and spirit of achievement. Around that time she decided to get married, and that unexpectedly became a turning point in both her personal and professional life.

Kresha Bajaj Lehanga

As her wedding approached nearer, she still had to find a perfect design for her big day. That’s when she decided to create her lehenga for her wedding. During that process, she got an opportunity to work with embroiderers and study deeply about embroideries of India. She did detailed research about different kinds of embroideries right from its history to its execution. The stories of these embroideries’ origins fascinated her. She is one of those designers who strongly supports and believes in the craftsmanship of artisans and her wedding stemmed from her love for artisans. During her wedding, Kresha had hired thirdgeneration artisans from all over the country for the creation of her dream lehenga. She says, the biggest challenge was to ensure the result of her imagination and therefore along with her team, she worked tirelessly to have an in-depth knowledge of embroidery and that was the beginning of a new chapter for her brand.

She stated “I wasn’t very sure of the direction Koëcsh was taking so I decided to take a break for my honeymoon, come back and think about it. When we did get back, I posted some pictures of my Love story Lehenga on Instagram and as they say, the rest is history! The very next morning, I received frantic calls from one of my team members informing me that our servers were down as we had received over 800 emails from everywhere around the world – from Huffington Post to brides from Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, and Australia enquiring about the Love story lehenga and if we could make it for them. That is when I consciously decided to restructure my brand from Koëcsh to what it is now.”

Kresha Bajaj Label

After the love story lehenga made, a sensation on social media, not only to garner a celebrity status but also emerged as a guiding light to Kresha, to transform her brand into a bespoke luxury Indian wear brand, giving birth to the Label Kresha Bajaj, along with the successful opening of the store in Bandra in 2018.

Her thought process as a designer is unique. She believes in slow process creation and would rather create 1-2 collections maximum a year that truly reflects herself in her work, than creating 4-6 collections following trends. Speaking about her marvellous creation – The Love Story Lehenga, Kresha says, that the thought of her wedding outfit, sitting in her wardrobe, just as another piece of clothing, was unacceptable to her. She wanted to convert this lehenga, into a muse that meant something to her and this is how a thoughtfully crafted piece was beautifully created. With the help and expertise of her skilled team, it took roughly 8-11 months to make the Love Story lehenga. The brand now only takes a certain number of Love Story Lehenga orders per year, as they have a separate group of artisans who work exclusively on them, ensuring that each piece is given undivided attention and expertise.

She adds, being a Fashion Design entrepreneur, it’s vital to know everything about the process of building a brand. Right from the Business of fashion, Marketing, Photography, Make-up, Shoots, Stitching, Draping, to Pattern making, she knows it all and believes in being self-reliant in the business. She mentioned how for a designer it is extremely vital to understand the technical side of fashion as one needs to be assured about every step, taken to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. After hearing her inspirational journey, one can say, that the path of achieving one’s dream is definitely not a smooth road, but if one is consistent enough, and can steer their path with hard work, along with the challenges, then Kresha is the biggest example of nothing is impossible.

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  1. I had tears when you posted the story and had goosebumps while reading this. You made my day. She truly is very creative and talented. ❤️❤️❤️
    Can’t wait to wear Label Kresha Bajaj

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