Fashion Connoisseurs – Komal Pandey & Siddharth Batra

Beauty and fashion content creator Komal Pandey, and men’s grooming and fashion influencer Siddharth Batra, have successfully taken the social world by storm! You can’t possibly scroll through your fashion feed without glimpses of the power couple living their best creative lives. Quirky, fun, and experimental, the duo is an absolute inspiration for the young and upcoming in fashion and beauty – for men and women alike.

The famous Instagram influencer Komal today inspires a following of 1.3m on her Instagram. We adore her for her bedazzled and bold ensembles, but the fashion queen of Instagram wasn’t always sure about pursuing fashion. A graduate in Commerce from Shahid Bhagat Singh College, Delhi, she dreamed about growing up to be a teacher. On the flip side, former fashion student Siddharth knew fashion was his calling. He had desired to be a fashion blogger the moment he stepped out in the world of business.

Komal’s aspiring journey can be traced back to 2012 when she first began her fashion blog “The College Couture” – making fashion accessible to all. From there on, she worked with POPxoDaily as a fashion stylist and comedian, and with the sheer support of her friends started her own YouTube channel that today has over 900k viewers gaining inspiration from her looks. It was the year 2013 when she took on Instagram. Since then, there has been no looking back. Her weekly #fashiontherapy short videos were a massive hit – each of her posts getting above 1.5M views!

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Siddharth, on the other hand, started with the digital men’s magazine MensXP and went on to become the style and grooming editor for the esteemed platform. An avid enthusiast of beauty and fashion for all, Siddharth is renowned for breaking barriers between masculinity and beauty regimens on his Instagram. His 152k followers admire him for his inclusivity of makeup, beauty, and high fashion in a man’s daily life. From introducing a regular skincare routine and intrinsic makeup looks to infusing K-pop inspired fashion with Indian and modelling high-fashion, the blogger is a curious soul that went viral for normalizing men’s beauty and fashion on a global scale.

They’re both warriors in their feat, having faced a line of rejection and despair throughout life. While Komal decided to turn her heartbreak into ambitions, she found the answers she was seeking in fashion. Siddharth has slowly yet dedicatedly built his empire catering to beauty and fashion that speaks most to his soul!

Komal believes, “let the passion flow in your veins and witness imaginations turn to reality.” If you want something in life, the universe will help you – be it in relationships, work, family, friendship, everything. The moment you start believing in yourself, you’ll receive what you’ve been seeking.

Nothing in life should be your life, it should be a part of your life, believes the blogger. Both rose to fame on social media, both fashion bloggers also mastered the art of being secure yet stepping out of their comfort zone to get their creative content flowing better than their last. Think it through, be calculative and measure your odds before taking the final call – this is their golden advice.

While Siddharth continues to introduce relatable and fresh content for the gentlemen, Komal has found her way back home to YouTube – all set to introduce daily fashion therapy not only on Instagram but on YouTube too. Look out for trendy DIYs, budget shopping, fashion hacks, and much more by the creator.

Both currently have the highest influential reach targeting the young generation of India on Instagram! Successful solo and more when together, the duo is a treat to entertain with their ever-changing thoughtful content and a lasting passion for what they do. We can’t wait to witness both these talented fashion bloggers reach even more heights and inspire the younger generation for a better change!

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