Jenn Lagron

Jenn Lagron – Assistant Hair Stylist

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer” Jenn Lagron, a dreamer, a believer and a talented hairstylist, who is currently working as an assistant for Jesus Guerrero, a well-known hairstylist, who regularly styles the tresses of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Jessica Alba and many more.

Jenn Lagron - Hair Stylist

From the time of childhood, Jenn had a keen eye for a major part of fashion but moreover Hair-Styling particularly intrigued her the most. Her journey travels back to her childhood, when she had a huge imagination in this field and also was passionate about transforming people and making them feel happy about themselves. Speaking about her inspiration, she narrates that her passion is the only inspiration she had and she created it all by herself, considering the fact that not a single person of her family is from the fashion background. However, the work she did made sense and she made her feel proud which is a vital factor for every individual working in a particular field.

Jenn lagron

Academically, after finishing high school, she had a clear vision in terms of her career. Therefore, she pursued a course in Cosmetology school from Illinois, Chicago. After completing her studies, she shifted to Downtown, Chicago and worked for 6 years. Post that she went ahead to pursue her dreams in Hollywood.
Jenn Lagron

After moving to LA from Chicago, she got an opportunity to work as a celebrity hairstylist, assisting Jesus Guerrero who is Kylie Jenner’s number one hairstylist. She mentioned that she met a lot of other artists in the same field through him and bagged ample exposure. Talking about how she ended up assisting Jesus she overwhelmingly described, “It was like a match made in heaven”. Jesus is like family to her while being a great mentor.

Jenn Lagron

When asked about her current experience working in LA she said, “It’s beautiful to work in there, as I am surrounded by the best in the world”. She also mentioned about her inspiration and respect towards other artists. The way every artist helps each other grow and improve their crafts is an amazing process to witness! Describing further like any other field, hair styling also requires studying the concept, including going through magazines, knowing the pop culture and learning hairstyles from old cultures, all of which inspired her in her journey!

Jenn Lagron

Talking about her experience, she stated that it is challenging in the best way. It has been a beautiful journey as it inspired her to push herself further by coming out of the comfort zone. The exposure made her learn about people, communicate better, and also enhance her skills technically. Working for Kylie Jenner and Kardashians has been extremely exciting for her, she also claims that as a turning point of her career. But all of this was not a piece of cake and in order to reach this milestone, she maintained consistency in her journey to success. There was a time she worked for over 40 hours continuously, followed by doing other jobs as well, however, all these efforts worked well for her and led her career on a positive note.

Like any other profession, fashion industry also comes with its own challenges and facing them is a part of it! According to her, timing is the biggest challenge while working in this field as sometimes things happen at last minute however she suggests the best way is to cope with things and being positive and finding solutions for the situation.

Jenn Lagron

As a lover of hairstyling she is immensely indulged in her job, however, one limitation she finds while working is the fact that sometimes in the middle of the work, it becomes difficult to take out time for herself. However, at the end it’s all about balance and maintenance. As a matter of success, it comes with time, efforts and patience followed by consistency.

Jenn came up with a very motivating advice for aspirants, passion is the key ingredient for a successful journey. Her advice for all the youngsters aspiring to be hair stylist is to be passionate enough and never give up, no matter what! Going after things you want and not letting anyone or anything hold you back should be the mindset and things will become much easier. Overcoming stressful situations becomes possible when you make yourself remember your journey and the goals you are really aiming for and rest everything else will fall into its place. Also, the aspiring candidates should definitely have work ethics and studying everything deeply is as important as practicing it in the real world.

Jenn Lagron

A very interesting success mantra was revealed towards the end of the conversation. Jenn continued that every morning she catches up with an inspiring video or a podcast in order to stay motivated the entire day and meditation also helps in order to maintain the calmness.

Thank you, Jenn for sharing this beautiful journey that would inspire all those young artists to come out of their comfort zone and explore the industry, just like you did.

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