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Fashion Model – Anand Dixit

Former cricketer turned high fashion model, Anand Dixit carries a grave passion for his job and himself. He’s sported in editorials, endorsements, and walked the ramp for several of India’s rejoiced labels, including Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra. A humble young man making it big in one of the toughest industries to crack, Anand is a face unforgettable for his charming personality and work alike.

Anand dixit

Growing up in Kanpur, Anand hadn’t envisioned modelling as his future goal. He’d been interested in cricket since childhood and had been playing professionally for nine years. Unfortunately, due to financial restraints, he had to quit cricket and decided to come to Delhi in search of new opportunities.

Amidst his quest, Anand’s fascinating journey as a model began when designer Varun Bahl accidentally met him at a club and offered him the opportunity to work with him! A successful start, the upcoming process of signing agencies turned into a dubious task for the newcomer. Anand had been subjected to racism due to his dark tone. He continued his search for the right agencies and worked at a domestic call center simultaneously. Meanwhile, Hindustan Times journalist Akshay Kaushal decided to share the struggling model’s story that helped Anand garner serious work and attention. Today he sees the shift happening in the industry and is grateful for the opportunities all kinds of people have been receiving since it wasn’t the same for him five years ago.

Anand’s list of portfolio stars the likes of Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal , and Varun Bahl amongst many more. Anand counts working with his dream labels – Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra, as the most monumental moments of his journey.

Living an exciting life today, Anand enjoys meeting new people and changing mindsets throughout his experiences. He iterates how travelling as a model and meeting all kinds of people from fashion designers and stylists to businessmen and industrialists changes your perceptions and thoughts. To him, it’s an exciting part of his job that he loves to explore. As he says, he cannot imagine his life without fashion today. He shares that his life as a model has brought every day with a new approach and he’s extremely grateful to receive opportunities where he gets to travel, meet people, and explore different cultures on the daily.

Anand says that being a model is not only about looking good, but also about your whole profile. It’s also about taking care of your skin, your physical health, how you’re walking out of your house, how you greet people, and such. As somebody who’s lived the struggle of making it, he believes when you have a platform as big as fashion and people come to you for guidance, show them the right directions. Newcomers don’t have to go through the same struggles, and we should take up the responsibility to give them the right platform. You don’t have to be greedy on glamour to become part of the industry. Love your job, have passion, and keep hustling. Start believing in yourself and work on the same. Follow the right people on Instagram, including models and designers – study their lifestyles and work profile and you’ll understand what it is you really want from this line of work.

Establishing a glorious name for himself, today Anand’s biggest challenge is choosing the right projects to go ahead with. He explains, it’s a skill models need to create for themselves once they’ve reached a high point in their lives. Dozens of shows and shoots start pouring in, and that’s where you need to understand what’s good for you and what’s not. It’s about making the right choices because if you’re visible everywhere, you’re bound to get commercial and possibly lose your essence. Today it’s all about leading the right choices for him. Earlier he’s struggled with modelling without paycheck and not understanding his worth sooner.

Anand’s advice for aspirants is to focus on your work and yourself. Don’t be blinded by glamour and take your career seriously. Remember that modelling is more than looking good. Keep working on your poses, your stance, and start pitching yourself to agencies and brands. Purple Thoughts, INEGA and Anima are the model’s top suggestions.  

Learn how to carry garments and how you can enhance them, he adds. Do your research, and then bring something different to the table. Anand further reveals that in India acting always follows modelling. Acting is now a part of modelling in India and at some point, you will become part of the industry. You can no longer model for your whole life.

His only mantra to success is keeping your professional and personal lives apart. When you’re at work, stay focused, work hard, and give your best shot. The moment you’re back home, unwind and digress yourself from your profession. It’s easier to lose yourself within blurred lines, so make sure you stay connected to yourself, both at and off work.

On the pandemic front, Anand got the chance to stay with his family after sixteen years. He believes the pandemic has given people the time to introspect their daily lives and make better decisions in the future. He’s looking forward to getting back in front of the camera with a better mindset and health.

Modeling can be a farfetched dream, but Anand with his sheer grit and vision goes to say that no dream is really big.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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