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“All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I am Eugeniya Belousouva, a professional dancer and model from the south of Russia.

Growing up, I had a wonderful childhood, full of love and kindness. As I had danced for many years, I got used to the camera and the stage performances. Preparing for the competitions and performances, it was natural for me to do some makeup, hairstyle and dress beautifully. Also, my father was fond of film photography and generally loved to photograph, so at that time I was his model. My sister was a model as well and as a child, she used to teach me ways to do a Catwalk. Despite all this, I never even thought of becoming a model fairly, when I was a little girl, I wanted to become a doctor!

Besides schooling, I was engaged in dancing and had a pretty tight schedule for the same.  We used to practice a lot of dances and prepare for the competitions.  I had to manage both, studies as well as my professional dancing in addition to attending various developmental circles. I would like to thank my parents for supporting me entirely for the same. After that, I entered the university. Initially, I was not clear about my career preference but then in the end, I chose to become a model and went to study for distance education.  In this process, I came twice a year for the session and exams, and the rest of the time I worked in Asia and Europe.  I received higher education and a diploma in Law but to be honest I’m unlikely to work as a lawyer as this is not at all about me.

Inspiration- Initially, I never really wanted to become a model, however, my friends at the summer camp insisted me to try for the same. I went to the agency because I wanted my friends to stop this conversation. In the agency, we had some course for models where we were learning how to pose and walk and how this business works. On the contrary, I started liking it after which I got my first test shoot and paid job.  I was 15 years old. I worked very well for the contract and did a beautiful full portfolio. This incident made me focus on modelling as a career and I got involved in it for next 10 years. According to me, it’s just happened and now when I look behind, I’m very thankful.

My experience in this profession has been amazing. I’m very happy that I chose modelling many years back. I visited so many countries and have friends around the world. I would also like to share that I grew up quite fast as I started to travel alone at a very young age for my work. In these times, I had to wake up alone, make food and go for all day work followed by learning how to deal with other people, learning different language, etc. A lot of responsibility for a 16 years old! But it was great as there is no time to give up.  I’m proud to get the opportunity to meet and work with great designers in Europe and India, shoot for amazing projects, around the World with these great people.

As a model, I need to convey that I have the same problems and concerns as others have.  I want everyone to appreciate themselves for who they are and love themselves for their achievements.  Also, I try to write quite frankly on my Instagram, as I experienced depression and self-dislike.  I would like people not to let go of their hands, because everything can be overcome  it seems to me that they write to me every day in messages and ask for advice – I should be responsible for what I write on my page and share my experience.

For me everything can be an inspiration. I am a very sensitive person and who looks upon beauty in many ways. For me, the inspiration is human talents and the beauty of nature. My mom is also an inspiration to me, since she changed her life at almost 60 years old and enjoys it. According to me, inspiration is a gust of air, my pets, to see a friend, theatre, music, painting and much more.

I have terrible A-student syndrome, so I’m never proud of my accomplishments as I always think I could have done better when it comes to my work and materialistic things. However, I am proud of my view of the world that I have changed and made more positive.  I am proud that I can listen and feel people.  And that my friends and family love me.  My inner world is a happy place with my amazing thoughts!

About my work, I worked for many projects in Milan and did interesting projects in France as well. Working at these cities,  provided a great experience for fashion weeks.  In India, of course Sabyasachi! For me they are an example of professionalism, the highest level of work, humanity and kindness.  I appreciate every working moment together and have learned a lot from working with Sabyasachi. It’s impossible to explain how much I respect and love him and his amazing team. Another very interesting project for me was an underwater shoot for the designer Kresha Bajaj. I even went to classes and learned to scuba dive, as I had never done that before.  It was a very interesting experience and gave some amazingly beautiful photos. In general, the most valuable thing is when there is an exchange of energy at work wherein all others feel positive and communicate.

I would like to mention that I am grateful for every difficulty I faced too.  According to me, all these are experiences and I would not want to correct any mistakes and change anything, especially bad moments and betrayals (as it seemed then).

My success mantra is to stay human, help others and be REAL. It is also equally important to control your health. One should always believe and trust the Universe. I accidentally ended up at home in Russia just before the start of the pandemic.  I was very lucky to be at home before the borders were closed.  Of course there was no work, but I did not despair for a second.  To utilize my time, I planned my days and also wrote an online course “start from inside”.  I am very proud of this course – there is not a drop of lies in it and every word mentioned is personally based on my experience. I also received feedback from people who took my online course and changed their lives for the better and I think this is the best reward for me.

A fun fact that I would like to share is that I can’t calmly watch the magazines because I immediately see how many looks the model had. By the light I can determine that they worked from the sunset till night – which means the model had already started makeup at 4:30 in the morning and there are various aspects like these which come under my notice generally.

Thank you, Eugeniya, for sharing your amazing journey and these thoughtful experiences with us!

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