Eleonora Carminati – Luxury Quality Head

From Louis Vuitton’s Sales Manager Assistant to today Head of Quality Department at Hermès, Eleonora Carminati has been bringing her best foot forward for some of luxury’s most renounced names. Her immense contribution has been seen on the shelves of Chanel, Stella McCartney, Loro Piana, Moncler and many more – making her a luxury house favourite!

Born in Milan, Eleonora grew up avidly interested in fashion, but always as a consumer. A general management graduate, she didn’t imagine herself working in the field of fashion years later.

It was an accidental choice when she first landed an internship at Louis Vuitton in Milan. She used to work in retail management at their flagship store managing their merchandising, sales, development and business plans. She then worked at Stella McCartney where she was in charge of collection management and sales and further worked at Loro Piana at the headquarters in retail buying, analysis of stocks and sales, and store management. After a few months, Chanel called for her to coordinate quality management of their shoes herself; Eleonora shares her curiosity led her to go on with the opportunity since it was a job entirely out of her comfort zone.

From Milan to Florence, Chanel was where she learnt all about shoe management. She looked over the process of shoe-making from scratch and adored the concept of presenting each shoe with only the finest of details; this attention to detail was what solidified Eleonora’s decision to work in quality management for years ahead.  Dealing with both general and technical tasks, Eleonora felt like she was living the best of both worlds.

Interestingly, she first started off as an analyst in Chanel before being handed over the shoe quality department. Here, she was exposed to product packaging, preserving the quality of products, laws necessary to abide by for selling certain shoe products in the market, and analyzing customer feedback for addressing any errors to be omitted in further products. She’d been previously dealing analysis of suppliers and staff, client retails, help the directors better address the production and which product was to be managed by the supplier.

Following a successful journey at the French fashion house, Eleanora soon moved back to hometown Milan and is now working with French luxury brand Hermès. She gratefully mentions that her experience at Chanel presented her with plenty opportunities, including working at Hermès. Today she’s known for her commendable skills in quality management and curating special collections for the brand, one of many including the iconic Oran Sandals. She also looks upon analyzing customer feedback and improvisation.

Having worked with eponymous designers through the years, Eleanora opens up how it is a challenging feat on the daily. The challenge is to find a solution that should be quick-timed and precise which is how she often winds up working overnight for a runway collection the very next day. Despite the hustling days, her main trial remains bringing to the people products that comply with their needs. When you’re responsible for rolling out not one but thousands of shoes for a brand, there’s no space of error either in design or needs, explains Eleonora. You need to be critical and make sure you’re representing the brand through its products in the right way for its target audience. She’s realized that more renowned companies carry a better feedback system. It takes months for product feedback to be received and you need to go directly to stores many times. It can be time consuming, and she wishes this could change for the better in the industry.

On the contrary, Eleonora is fond of the continuous changes she observes in her jobs. The demands, the products, and especially the notions, keep changing. It’s always interesting being on the job. Travelling and connecting with people is another upside, she feels. It’s also one of the most liberating jobs since you don’t need to fill in your daily progress, can work on your own pace, and you get to experiment with ideas and creativity without restrictions, adds Eleonora.

Carrying years of detailed exposure and experience, she’s most proud of her dual skills in both retail and operation. It’s not easy to be aware of both sides, but she’s been lucky to understand both the consumers and the brand – a skill she believes is of utmost requirement today.

Never stop seeking for more, and give yourself a chance even if you feel underqualified, advices Eleonora. It could be worse, but even those experiences can help you learn and grow. Good stress management is a must because you need to worry less about other’s opinions if you want to keep putting yourself out there. Eleonora recommends it’s best to have a good foundation and be skilled in product development and management, design, and technical and planning skills. She also warns it’s not always going to be all fun. You seldom find yourself living inside Devil Wears Prada when in the industry.

At last, her simple mantra to success is keep going. Glancing on the bright of life, she’s looking forward to gaining more experience and knowledge on the higher tiers of the luxury fashion industry and improve her skill sets everyday.

Perfectionist as she is determined, Eleonora is a wonderful example of striving for success with every new milestone. We wish her luck for her future endeavors!

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