Building Visual Identity For Leading Indian Fashion Brands

Every great design begins with an even better story –  is the principle of New Delhi based luxury branding studio, AM Branding Co. Having worked with some of India’s leading names like Anita Dongre, Shikhar Dhawan, Arpita Mehta, Anushree Reddy and many more, founders Mridul Sawhney and Aviral Rungta have created their niche within the industry – thanks to their unique concepts and uncompromised quality.

Mridul Sawhney, creative director at AM Branding Co, experienced an exciting childhood – travelling the world with her parents and a stable lifestyle. . She was only 14 when it went south for her family and finances had to be considered. That’s when the creative designer decided to focus on her career and build a strong foundation for her family. She always knew she wanted a dynamic career that wasn’t monotonous and had a variety to explore. Following her schooling from Delhi Public School Mathura Road, New Delhi, she worked her way up to Fashion Communication from NIFT Bangalore by being one of the toppers and scoring a 9+ pointer in her first year of college. From there began her story.

The perfect partner to Mridul’s creative endeavours, husband and business head Aviral Rungta became part of her journey when they met on They started working together and fell in love with each other’s passion for building something iconic, resulting in endless support for one another and bringing to life AM Branding Co. Today the brand takes care of 360-degree visual communication aspects which include art direction, social media management, branding, packaging, brand consultancy and website management.

Mridul’s core responsibilities remain understanding the voice of the brand. Once the voice is defined, she experiments as to how the brand can stand apart visually from the rest. They’ve had the privilege to work with country’s topmost design houses along with some fantastic individuals, who not only indulged in the process personally but gave them the creative liberty they always seek. Previously they have worked with the likes of JJ Valaya, Anita Dongre, Shikhar Dhawan, and Anavila. Their current clientele includes Arpita Mehta, Saaksha & Kinni, Kunal Rawal, Anushree Reddy, Lara Morakhia, Nikasha and many more of the likes.

As an entrepreneur, Mridul describes it’s the biggest blessing to be able to do what she loves, every single day. Building authentic new content daily keeps her inspired, and to see her clients satisfied and being recognised in the industry gives her motivation. The designer expressed that as an entrepreneur, one has to play different roles – from being a student, judge, critic and often learning life lessons through the process, and that comes with its struggles. Her biggest challenge is to make sure her studio never lacks the essence of creating unique content for her clients which they are very mindful of. She finds herself struggling most with training new employees and adding them to the team as each one needs to be in sync with their vision which reveals to be time-consuming, and it takes major effort to maintain work-life balance as they aren’t mindful of their work clock at times.

Despite everything, Mridul loves her profession for reasons that she cherishes the people she works with. She reveals her clients add so much to her everyday motivation and learnings, and she adores her team of young and creative enthusiastic professionals who have absorbed her aesthetic over the years. It’s also the fact that she’s in charge of maintaining and creating a healthy atmosphere at her workplace which keeps her going every day.

Much like the rest of the world, AM Branding Co, to have had to face the wrath of the pandemic. They’ve been working from home since the start of it, making virtual communication their only best friend. This became an effort to give their team creative freedom and shift focus on building stronger social media. Now their future goals include a series of hopes, but to start with is bringing awareness in India regarding authentic branding and its need. She’d love to encourage more people to look deeper into the world of branding through the means of her company. Moving to end the culture of cut, copy and paste in case of creatives as with prevailing mediums of getting ‘inspired’, uniqueness shouldn’t be kept at bay she upholds.

Coming from her walk of experience, Mridul’s word of advice to upcoming aspirants is the one thing and the quintessence of life – create your business blueprint and do not copy. Being original goes a long way in any industry! She assures it takes some time but is worth it in the end. Build your credibility by valuing work ethic and honesty over profits. Never get underpaid for what you do, believe in your output. If you can reach skies, you’ll have the will to create your ladder too. Her success mantra is staying true to oneself, being original, and not limiting ourselves to the observed mediocrity works wonders if followed with time management.

Passionate, determined, full of ideas, and constantly being at par with her brand’s content, Mridul Sawhney is a real inspiration for entrepreneurs navigating their way in today’s times.

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