DOF is an ode to the people of fashion out of the limelight. Here to share experiences of people working in various streams of fashion. It is to showcase the insights of the fashion industry through these experienced skillful people. Offering the best in the industry. It is to inspire every fashion dreamer to achieve their fashion dream by reading these stories and experiences. It is to help people connect, educate, promote, understand and utilise fashion enormously

What do we do?

We talk about fashion. Fashion is you and me and everyone around us working and contributing themselves. This page is to celebrate those hard working people. From embroiderers embroidering our clothes to Sewers sewing our garment to pattern cutters making our perfect fit to the designer designing a creative collection to stylist styling looks to makeup artist to hairstylist to models to photographers to marketeers to publicist to retailers to teachers and the list is never ending. Every human of fashion, every dreamer of fashion!

What do we Offer?

We offer stories to connect and understand the path and struggle in a wiser way to make an informed decision. It’s about educating people well and making them connect to the industry and brands.