Uncovering The Untold Stories of the fashion world


Insights about the profound journeys with the detailed information on their journeys. Our blogs are being interviewed and are reflected as raw and real to manifest the real side of fashion to our readers.


It is a platform to connect for new upcoming opportunities in various fields of fashion. It is to know people around the world doing incredible jobs in their area of expertise. To resonate with their journeys and understand fashion from a different perspective.


It is to inspire aspirants from journeys of such incredible stories to do better in their life. It is to show them the real hard work of these real people. It is to educate them well in advance through real job experiences and stories.

an ode to the world of fashion

Narrating the untold inspiring stories of the fashion world

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Words from the expert

"Don't worry about the world, Keep your nose to the grind, work on yourself rest all will fall into its place."
Nitasha Gaurav
Nitasha Gaurav
Celebrity stylist
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